Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shuster & Saben Sues Loan Servicer Vericrest Financial on behalf of Foreclosure Client

After CitiMortage tried for over two years to foreclosure on our clients Melbourne, Florida home, they gave up and while his foreclosure case was still pending, his first mortgage was sold to an offshore trust created in 2010 to acquire distressed mortgages for pennies on the dollar. Citibank never told our client who bought his mortgage but when Citi stopped servicing the loan they complied with RESPA ( the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) and told our client that servicing of his loan would be transferred to Vericrest Financial. We sent Vericrest a Qualified Written Request (QWR) to find out who acquired out client’s fist mortgage. Our letter that contained the QWR also demanded that the Vericrest cease and desist any communication with the our client as he has been represented by our firm for nearly two years.

Vericrest ignored our correspondence and continued to call our client in violation of the FCCPA (Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act) and FDCAP (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). We did NOT ignore Vericrest’s unlawful conduct. A mere ten days after they called our client we sued Vericrest Financial and their unknown client, the current owner of the first mortgage in Brevard County Court.

To review a redacted copy of the lawsuit filed against Vericrest please click the link below.

Redacted Vericrest Lawsuit

At Shuster & Saben we refer to lawsuit where our foreclosure client is a plaintiff and the loan servicer and lender are defendants as offensive cases. In other offensive cases we have recovered monetary damages for our clients or used the offensive case as a bargaining chip to obtain a substantial principal reduction loan modification. When a consumer wins a Fair Debt case the loan servicer (or bill collector) has to pay the consumer’s attorneys fees. In these offensive cases, our firm receives no attorney’s fees unless we win the case and the fee is paid for by the lender or loan servicer.

About the foreclosure attorneys at Shuster & Saben, LLC: Some lawyers think doing a good job in a foreclosure case means losing slow rather than quickly. Not us. Shuster & Saben, searches every case for clues in hopes of finding evidence to defeat the bank. We take depositions. We litigate foreclosure cases to win. When lenders break the law we do not hesitate to file a separate lawsuit against the bank or loan servicer on behalf of our client. We think a good foreclosure defense lawyer doesn’t drag his or her feet but rather uses them to kick the behinds of banks, loan servivers, and foreclosure mill attorneys.

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  1. What was outcome with this case? I am dealing with Vericrest in Washington State and they have failed to conform to a Washington State mediation law and now trying to foreclose again.