Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shuster & Saben defeats Bank of America at Trial

Firm attorney, Richard Shuster, defeated Bank of America, in a Miami-Dade foreclosure trial. The evidence presented at trial included the deposition testimony of the person who executed the assignment of mortgage and the live testimony of the borrower / Defendant. For our client’s protection the firm did not blog about this victory until the time for Bank of America to appeal expired. Under the legal principle of res judicata Bank of America should be unable to file a new lawsuit against our client. The firm will soon commence action to quite title for our client. It appears that our client's mortgage, that was more than $175,000.00, has been eliminated.

To Review a redacted copy of the final judgment please click the link below:

Redacted Final Judgment

Shuster & Saben is a litigation firm. Lawyers at Shuster & Saben have tried cases to verdict in personal injury, insurance, felony criminal, and foreclosure. Firm attorney Thomas Willis was on Stetson Law School’s national championship trial team. Micheal Fischetti is a former Broward County public defender. A firm’s trial experience is one of the factors a homeowner should evaluate when considering a foreclosure attorney. To find out more about our firm, its lawyers, and why we are different please visit our firm’s website at

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