Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shuster & Saben Collects Fee Judgment against Chase Home Finance

The foreclosure lawyers at Shuster & Saben have obtained payment for a $9,750.00 judgment against Chase Home Finance. The judgment was obtained in a case where the firm obtained dismissal of a foreclosure action filed by Law Offices of Marshall Watson, P.A. The firm, pursuant to our written retainer with our client, will now issue a check to our client to reimburse him for most of the legal fees he previously paid to our firm.

When considering among the many law firms that defend foreclosures homeowners should consider the firm’s track record with respect to beating banks and obtaining attorney’s fees. When a homeowner wins their foreclosure case the bank has to pay the homeowner’s attorney’s fees. The Court will determine the amount of the attorney’s fees and may award less than the total fees charged or sought by the homeowner’s attorney. Shuster & Saben’s written fee agreement fully explains the firm’s attorney fee reimbursement policy when the firm recovers attorney's fees from banks and loan servicers. For many homeowners hiring the best possible foreclosure defense attorney may cost a little more in the beginning but will be a better value over the long haul if the attorney wins the case and obtains a fee judgment against the bank or settles the case with a substantial reduction of interest and principal (loan balance).

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