Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lee County Homeowner Chooses Shuster & Saben to Defend Three Million Dollar Foreclosure Case

The owner of oceanfront mansion in Lee County has selected Shuster & Saben, LLC to defend the foreclosure action filed against his family’s home. The property owner evaluated foreclosure defense lawyers both locally and across the state before choosing firm attorney Richard Shuster to implement a comprehensive asset protection and foreclosure defense plan. The owner’s search for the right attorney began with reviewing the websites of several law firms. Once he narrowed his focus to a few lawyers he found those attorneys’ bar numbers at the Florida Bar’s website, He then looked up the cases handled by each lawyer in Lee County with the Lee County Clerk of Court though a search of the lawyers’ bar number. The homeowner then reviewed the results obtained in the cases and the pleadings filed by each lawyer.

Two things that impressed the homeowner were that the requests for admissions, interrogatories (written questions) and request for production filed by Shuster varied form case to case and were clearly custom prepared based on the facts of the case rather than cookie-cutter form pleadings. The homeowner was also impressed by the fact that he could not find a single file where a Lee county client had lost their home to foreclosure sale. After performing extensive research online, reviewing files through the Lee County clerk, and interviewing Shuster by phone the homeowner made a will researched decision to hire the firm.

Shuster & Saben appreciates that a well informed homeowner is our best client. The firm is proud to represent multiple attorneys, C.P.A.s, physicians, and police officers in foreclosure cases.

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