Thursday, April 26, 2012

Loan Modification Settlement with Residential Credit Solutions

Shuster & Saben, LLC has reached a  Loan Modification Settlement with Residential Credit Solutions.
Old Payment:  $1,240.00
New payment: $961.17

Another Shuster & Saben client will keep their home thanks to a loan modification reached with RCS, Residential Credit Solutions.  After being turned down for a HAMP loan modification and after a year of litigation, RCS offered our client a non-HAMP loan modification reducing his interest rate from 8.8% interest to 4.625%.  Our client who is over 65 years of age and is retired will save over $275.00 of interest a month.   The firm successfully defended the RCS foreclosure action for approximately thirteen months before the loan modification was offered.  Our client’s investment in foreclosure defense will save him over $50,000.00 over the duration of his loan.


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