Thursday, February 23, 2012

South Beach Foreclosure Dismissed in Three Months.

In November of 2011, Shuster & Saben filed an Answer on behalf of an owner of an oceanfront condominium in Roney Palace in Miami Beach.  In February of 2012, the Plaintiff and alleged owner of the note, Kondaur Capital Corporation dismissed their case against our client.  Another day… another dismissal for Shuster & Saben.  Our client was happy to hear the news that he will have no bill for our services in March because his case is now over. 

Our client, an out of state condo owner, had his personal attorney in New York screen top foreclosure firms to find an agile, aggressive, cost effective foreclosure defense firm that would go on the attack from the get-go.  After interviewing firm attorney Richard Shuster and researching our case results, the client’s personal attorney recommended that he hire our firm. 

Shuster & Saben does not use stall tactics like motions for extension of time.  We hit Kondaur with a answer that was nearly fifteen pages long and discovery into the questionable transfers of the loan from on financial institution to the next.  After Kondaur received our answer they put the mortgage up for sale.  Kondaur did not wait around and try to substitute some new or future buyer of the loan into the lawsuit they filed.  Instead they decided to cut and run. As U.S. Bank recently learned, banks without airtight cases can incur judgments for enormous fees when they go to the mat and lose against our firm.  Kondaur’s decision will limit the amount of their fee exposure. 

To see the redacted dismissal please click the link below

When other lawyers ask why is it that our firm obtains so many foreclosure dismissals, I let them know it is because we work our cases.  Pushing back hard takes a little more work but when it results in a quick dismissal it saves our clients money.  Some prospective clients are only concerned about the fees of a foreclosure firm charges and might pick one lawyer over another because they change $100.00 less a month or have a one time flat fee change.  We believe that hiring the best lawyer that will take the homeowner’s case is the best way for the homeowner to maximize the value of their foreclosure defense budget.  If a homeowner is unsure how tell how good a job a foreclosure lawyer will do in their case, they should look at the lawyer’s results in the lawyer’s prior cases and interview more than one lawyer.  For more information about our firm’s results please see the last fifty (50) blog posts on this site or our 5 Star Client Reviews on AVVO

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