Friday, July 16, 2010

Shuster & Saben Obtains Wavier of Deficiency for Orlando Real Estate Investors

Shuster & Saben has successfully saved resolved an Orange County foreclosure case filed against our Orlando clients. In the case our clients owed more than $100,000 more than their investment condominium was worth. Both of our clients signed the note, were professionally employed, and faced the real possibility of the lender obtaining a deficiency judgment and seeking to garnish the husband or wife’s wages. If our firm had not successfully resolved the case our clients faced the real possibility of having to file bankruptcy.

The first time the case was set for summary judgment at the Orange County courthouse firm attorney Richard Shsuter, traveled from our Melbourne office and successfully thwarted the lender’s attempt to obtain summary judgment. On the day before the deposition of the bank’s representative a settlement was reached wherein the lender agreed to waive all claims for deficiency judgment. A copy of the stipulation to waive the deficiency can be viewed by viewed by clicking the link below. A deficiency judgment is a judgment for the difference between the amount owned on the mortgage note and the amount the lender obtains for the property.

To view a copy of the stipulation for wavier of deficiency please click the link below:

Stipulation for Waiver of Deficiency

Shuster & Saben offers a comprehensive approach to foreclosure defense that integrates asset protection guidance with aggressive foreclosure defense by experienced litigation attorneys. Where appropriate we refer our clients to other professionals such as C.P.A.s to mitigate tax consequences of shorts sales and deed in lieu of foreclosure transactions. For high net worth individuals we also work with financial planners and to place client funds into assets that are protected from the claims of potential creditors. From the firm’s four offices in Miami, Doral, Plantation and Melbourne we defend homeowners in foreclosure in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Collier, Lee, Martin, St, Lucie, Indian River, Brevard and Orange Counties. For more information about our firm please visit us at

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