Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Firm Saves Another Homeowner

Shuster & Saben has saved yet another Miami Homeowner from Foreclosure. On July 31, 2009, our firm appeared on behalf of a South Florida homeowner who had failed to serve an answer to the lender Deutche Banks’ complaint for foreclosure. Prior to our firm being retained the lender obtained a default against our client and an order granting the lender’s motion for summary judgment. By the time our firm was retained the Court had already entered a final judgment of foreclosure and set a sale date.

Our client advised that she was unaware of the foreclosure action against her until she consulted a Realtor about a short sale of the property only to find out from the Realtor that the Court had entered an final judgment of foreclosure and had set a judicial sale date for mid August. Immediately after our firm was hired we prepared a verified (notarized) affidavit to quash service of process. The affidavit set forth the testimony of the homeowner that she was never served. After the lender’s counsel, David Stern, P.A. failed to refute our client’s affidavit with record evidence., the Court granted our motion to quash service, vacated the summary judgment and canceled the judicial sale. The lender will now have to start the case over again from the beginning by properly serving the homeowner. This time our client will have an aggressive legal defense. As of the today, our client has still yet to be served.

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