Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shuster & Saben, LLC, announces Written Limited Money Back Guarantee on Foreclosure Defense Cases

For Immediate Release:

Shuster & Saben announces its new written limited money back guarantee for foreclosure defense cases.

Shuster & Saben is a law firm of five attorneys with offices in Miami and Plantation / Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The firm defends homeowners in foreclosure cases for a flat monthly fee of $495.00 per month on loans under $500,000.00.

A complete copy of the written limited guarantee is available online at:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Guarantee:

Q: Does the program guarantee legal results?
A: No. The results of litigation are not within the complete control of legal counsel and therefore no attorney can guarantee legal results.

Q: What is guaranteed?
A: Clients in the program are guaranteed a 100% refund if their home is lost to writ of possession (following court ordered judicial sale) of their home with six (6) months of the filing of suit, a 75% rebate if the home is lost to foreclosure within nine (9) months and a 66% refund if the home is lost to foreclosure between 9 month to one year from the filing of suit.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for the guarantee?
A: To be eligible the client must (a) retain the firm within twenty (20) days of being served with the foreclosure complaint, (b) sign up for billing be credit or debit card, (c) maintain their credit or debit card account such that their monthly bills are paid in a timely fashion, (d) assist their counsel by providing assistance with discovery and attending any depositions or medication set in their case.

Q: What is the purpose of the guarantee?
A: The purpose of this limited money back guarantee is to enhance the client’s financial security by eliminating or substantially decreasing the cost of the firm’s services in the infrequent cases where the legal work performed by the firm does not produce the intended outcome set forth below. A further purpose of this guarantee is to limit or partially alleviate client financial hardship.

Q: If it has been more than twenty (20) days since a homeowner was served but a default has not been issued can an exception be made with respect to eligibility requirements?
A: If a client retains the firm more than 20 days after being served, but before a motion for default is filed and before a motion for summary judgment is filed, the firm will evaluate the case for inclusion in the program on a case by case basis.

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